Gate Motor Repair in Rensburg


Don’t be late because of a broken gate

Contact Gate Motor Repair in Rensburg to prevent this from happening. Gate Motor Repair in Rensburg does not only offer repairs but also sales, installations and services.

Gate Motor Repair in Rensburg offers a range of selections such as:

  • A range of motors
  • Gates
  • Garage doors

Services include:

  • Upgrading of motors
  • Maintenance of gates and motors
  • Re painting
  • Inspections
  • Alarm system (must be requested)

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Gate Motor Repair in Rensburg has been running for 10 years and our employees are trusted and has had the highest level of training. Our services are reliable, affordable and of high standard. Our products are water resistant to prevent the unit from being water damaged

Our gates and garage doors are of high quality and are long lasting. Colours can be chosen. Annual inspections and maintenance can be requested. Our employees will also suggest whether or not your motor should be upgraded at a low, affordable price or it will be included in the warranty. Each motor will have a warranty where the time period will be determined by the type of motor purchased.

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Gate Motor Repair in Rensburg believes in good quality installation to ensure the safety of the owners. The motors can only be controlled by the owner with a remote. Gate Motor Repair in Rensburg can also work closely with the security units to install an alarm system that will go off if the motor is tampered with.  No one wants to be late to work or to an important event nor do they want to be stuck outside their own house because their gate will not open. It is Gate Motor Repair in Rensburg mission to prevent any inconveniences from happening and if those inconveniences happen, Gate Motor Repair in Rensburg will be of assistance as soon as possible

Gate Motor Repair in Rensburg operates in range of different areas. Selected stores will have a 24/7 service line that can be contacted.