Gate Motor Repair Spaarwater

Gate Motor Repair Spaarwater

At Gate Motor Repair Spaarwater we understand the frustrations that come with electronic gate malfunctions and because we pride ourselves with 25 years of industry expertise we offer great speedy services to all our customers at affordable prices that match your budget.

What can you do for me?

At Gate Motor Repair Spaarwater we understand that electric sliding gates are convenient at the best of times, with a simple click of a remote button your gates automatically opens and closes. But what happens when your gate hits a malfunction early on Monday morning and you have that  early morning Monday meeting scheduled?

Gate Motor repair Spaarwater
Gate Motor repair Spaarwater

To keep the technical speak to a minimum there are two types of motors: an electric gate motor and an underground motor. An electric gate motor controls the operation of the electric sliding gate, irrespective of whether it is a steel or wooden gate, the operating system elements are all the same from transmitter to control box.

And as for an underground electric motor, these motors operate from a more complex operating system with many different models. The type of electric gate repair will depend on what kind of motor you have installed to operate the gate.

So when there is a malfunction in the operating system of either motors due to numerous factors such as age, high-volume applications or electric malfunctions with the remote, then you may experience some of the following:

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Your gate won’t open, or your gate motor is completely unresponsive and makes an unusual sound. At Gate Motor Repair Spaarwater we are equipped to fix these problems from battery replacements to wheel alignment repairs, or in some cases welding maintenance. Either way we will ensure that your gate is up and running as soon as possible.

Where is Gate Motor Repair Spaarwater based?

Our branches operate from: JHB CBD, Pretoria and the West Rand.

Why you should choose us?

Gate Motor Repair Spaarwater  pride ourselves in providing quick and affordable services. We  understand that time is valuable and shouldn’t  be spent over unexpected gate hassles. We will provide the best solutions tailored to your gate requirements from automated swing gates to sliding gates, we will assist you so that you can be on your way rest assured of gate-free hassles.